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[icon] Links - A List of Resources - Chihuahuas
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Subject:Links - A List of Resources
Time:11:26 pm
Erin and I have been compiling a list of links with information on various issues. We thought members may find it useful. This should not be considered a complete list. Instead, consider it a work in progress; something that will evolve with time. If you feel that a link should be included or notice that we've missed something, please leave a comment with your suggestion(s).

Happy Zoomies!
    - Roz

Behavior & Training
    http://www.jamesandkenneth.com/behavior_problems.html - Information on common behaviour problems
    http://k9deb.com/nilif.htm - NILIF is a behavior modification program that helps shy dogs, dominant dogs, and every dog in between
    http://www.flyingdogpress.com/difficult.html - Hard to train? Training difficult dogs
    http://www.clickersolutions.com/articles/2001/dominance.htm - Information on dominance in dogs
    http://www.training-dogs.com/potty-training-dogs.html - Housetraining / housebreaking puppies and dogs
    http://www.dogbreedinfo.com/cratetraining.htm - Housetraining a puppy with the assistance of a crate
    http://www.hsus.org/pets/pet_care/our_pets_for_life_program/dog_behavior_tip_sheets/crate_training.html - Crate training
    http://ahimsadogtraining.com/handouts/resource-guarding.html - Resource guarding : what it is and resolutions
    http://www.sspca.org/Dogs/SeparationAnxiety.html - Separation anxiety
    http://www.healthypet.com/library_view.aspx?id=103 - Thunderstorm phobia
    http://rozae.livejournal.com/267289.html - Helping shy dogs overcome their fears
    http://www.clickandtreat.com/webart105.htm - Submissive urination
    http://www.paw-rescue.org/PAW/PETTIPS/DogTip_BiteInhibition.php - Teaching bite inhibition
    http://www.shirleychong.com/keepers/Lesson6.html - Reliable recalls : teaching your dog to come to you on command
    http://www.clickertraining.com/dogs - Clicker training articles
    http://rozae.livejournal.com/266878.html - Why positive training techniques are more effective
    http://bailecu.livejournal.com/3817.html - Information on punishment
    http://www.animalbehavior.net/PUBLIC/WhatAboutCesarMillan.htm - Reputable behaviorists & dog trainers speak out on the 'Dog Whisperer'
    http://bailecu.livejournal.com/422.html - Empathy 101
    http://www.phsspca.org/training/puppy_intro_to_adult_dog.htm - Introducing an old dog to a new puppy

Breeders & Breeding
    http://www.wonderpuppy.net/breeding.htm#breeding - Information on breeding
    http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/breeding.html - Breeding responsibly
    http://www.woodhavenlabs.com/breeding/breeder2.html - So you want to be a breeder?
    http://members.aol.com/gelet1447/breeding.htm - Is my dog breeding quality?
    http://justonelitter.com - I want to breed just one litter
    http://www.adoptananimal.ca/whyadopt/cost-breeding.php - How much is that puppy in the window?
    http://www.cyberpet.com/cyberdog/articles/general/overpopl.htm - Pet overpopulation
    http://www.jlhweb.net/Boxermap/reputablebreeder.html - Reputable breeders vs. backyard breeders
    http://members.tripod.com/antique_fcr/goodbreeder.html - Finding a responsible breeder : myths & facts
    http://www.phouka.com/puppy/bdr_irres.html - Recognizing an unethical breeder
    http://www.rottie-l.org/questions4breeder.html - Questions to ask a breeder
    http://www.peteducation.com/article.cfm?cls=2&cat=1671&articleid=841 - Choosing a healthy puppy
    http://www.borzoi.cc/genetics.html#general - Genetics

    http://www.akc.org/breeds/chihuahua/index.cfm - AKC breed standard
    http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/183 - KC breed standard (smooth coat)
    http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/item/182 - KC breed standard (long coat)
    http://www.ankc.aust.com/chihsmth.html - ANKC breed standard (smooth coat)
    http://www.ankc.aust.com/chihlong.html - ANKC breed standard (long coat)

Food & Nutrition
    http://www.naturapet.com/display.php?d=comp-wiz - Food comparison wizard
    http://rawfed.com - Raw food : feeding raw
    http://www.dogaware.com/dogfeeding.html - Information on dog food
    http://www.dogfoodproject.com/ - How does your dog food brand compare?
    http://www.preciouspets.org/newsletters/articles/grains-in-pet-food.htm - Grains in pet foods

    http://www.aspca.org/site/PageServer?pagename=pets_groomdog - Grooming your dog
    http://www.wikihow.com/Give-a-Small-Dog-a-Bath - How to bathe a small dog
    http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/clientED/dog_nails.asp - How to trim your dog's nails
    http://www.bhejei.com/tearsta.htm - Tear stains : causes and cures
    http://www.placervillevet.com/dog%20toothbrushing.htm - Brushing your dog's teeth

Health & Safety
    http://www.vetmed.wsu.edu/ClientED/problems_diagnoses.asp - Pet health topics
    http://www.avma.org/careforanimals/animatedjourneys/pethealth/canine.asp - Dog illnesses and diseases
    http://www.upei.ca/%7Ecidd/breeds/chihuahua2.htm - Health concerns facing the Chihuahua
    http://www.geocities.com/Petsburgh/Park/3905/chihuahuadiseases.html - Congenital and hereditary conditions in the Chihuahua
    http://www.picassochis.com/healthf.htm#Patella%20Luxation: - Patella luxation : one of the most common health problems in Chihuahuas
    http://www.petplace.com/dogs/dealing-with-retained-baby-teeth/page1.aspx# - Retained deciduous or "baby" teeth
    http://www.canismajor.com/dog/vacci01.html - Information on vaccinations
    http://www.kateconnick.com/library/mastcelltumor.html - Canine mast cell tumors (some of the most common tumors in dogs)
    http://www.canine-epilepsy-guardian-angels.com/CanineEpil.htm - Canine epilepsy
    http://www.petalia.com.au/Templates/StoryTemplate_Process.cfm?specie=Dogs&story_no=257 - Human foods that poison pets
    http://www.kennelsafety.com - Tragic accounts of an unsafe crate

    http://www.petfinder.com - Find shelter pets up for adoption
    http://www.chihuahua-rescue.com - Chihuahua rescue and transport
    http://www.chihuahuaclubofamerica.com/rescue.htm - American Chihuahua breed rescue
    http://www.the-british-chihuahua-club.org.uk/Rescue/InterestAdopt.php - British Chihuahua breed rescue
    http://www.dogs4sale.com.au/Rescue_Organisations.htm - Australian dog rescue organizations
    http://www.ccrt.net/index.shtm - Canadian Chihuahua rescue and transport

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Time:2007-02-09 01:08 pm (UTC)
Ohhhh, awww, WOW! LOL.

Just a suggestion, maybe there could be a link specifically for why Cesar Milan's methods are often dangerous/bad? Since sooo many people seem to take his word as that of gods lol. I actually could use that...my mother in law to be bought his book.
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Time:2007-02-09 02:07 pm (UTC)
http://www.ccrt.net/index.shtm - Canadian Chihuahua Rescue and Transport.
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Time:2007-02-10 01:04 am (UTC)
Thank you!
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Time:2007-02-10 01:07 am (UTC)
No prob!
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[icon] Links - A List of Resources - Chihuahuas
View:Recent Entries.
View:Website (Links - Everything from behavior, training, and breeding to nutrition, health and Chihuahua rescue).