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the littlest big dogs

Chihuahua Enthusiasts
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A meeting place for people who love Chihuahuas.
This community is for all Chihuahua owners and enthusiasts. If you own, are owned by or just adore the Chihuahua, this is the place for you!

Share pictures, stories, post questions and requests for advice. If it's about the world's littlest big dog, the Chihuahua, it's on topic. :]

Here at chihuahuas we oppose the irresponsible practices of backyard breeding, puppy milling and purchasing pets from businesses that support these operations. We support the responsible breeding of health-tested, championed and temperament proven dogs by reputable breeders and the adopting of rescue or shelter animals.

Community Rules:
1. All members must follow the Live Journal TOS. Any entry found to be violating the TOS will be deleted ASAP. Any member violating the TOS may be banned indefinitely.
2. Be civil to each other. We welcome lively debate and expect mature exchanges. The following are examples of what is and what is not acceptable:
"That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard," is completely acceptable, as you are discussing an idea.

"You are the dumbest person I have ever met," is not; it is speaking about the other person, not their ideas.

3. Please use a LJ Cut on lengthy entries or on entries with multiple or large pics (exceeding 600x600.) If you notice a post that should utilize a LJ cut and is not, please contact the mods. If you comment requesting that a poster use a LJ cut please be nice - lack of civility will earn you a warning. (Tip: go to http://www.livejournal.com/manage/settings/ and select "Use image placeholders." Then, choose to use image placeholders for either all images, images over 320x240 or images over 640x480. This will prevent large images from ruining your friends page.)
4. Trolling is not permitted. Obviously trollish posts and/or comments will be removed immediately and without warning. Trolls will be tossed back under the bridge from whence they came.
5. SPAM will not be tolerated. SPAM will be reported to LJ and removed. Spammers may also be removed.
6. If you encounter a problematic entry or comment (i.e. an entry or comment that breaks the rules, is trollish or offensive) within the community please contact one of the mods before responding to it.
7. Do not disable commenting on your posts. If you do not want others commenting on your posts you should not be posting them publicly. Posts with disabled commenting will be deleted. Do not delete comments for dramatic purposes. Do not delete comments because you disagree with them as differing opinions are welcome. Deleting your comments to fix an error is perfectly acceptable.
8. Do not advertise other communities here. There are other communities for that - this is not the place.
9. Off-topic posts may be removed at our discretion, with or without warning.
10. Please do not take community issues into the moderators' private journals. If you need to speak with one or more of us privately you may contact us via our individual e-mail addresses, which are provided below.
11. Users who ignore a mod's warning and step out of line may find themselves "gagged." When a user finds themself "gagged" they are effectively banned from commenting. However, this is a temporary state, typically lasting one week. "Gagging" will be used to allow a member time to cool down. After that week has passed the user will be "ungagged" (unbanned) and allowed to comment once more. Users who repeatedly need to be "gagged" may find themselves banned indefinitely. This is a last resort - please do not give us reason to utilize it.

Picture Contest Rules can be found here along with a list of past winners. Please review the rules before entering. :]

Need Help?

Is your chihuahua exhibiting inappropriate behavior? Are you having a hard time training your pooch? Visit this link for a list of links on various topics. Perhaps you will find the answer you were searching for. Feel free to ask the community for advice as well. :]

Please note that while we encourage the exchange of information, no information given can act as a substitute for a vet visit. If you think your dog may need medical care, call your vet ASAP. For serious or dangerous behavior concerns, please consult with a local certified behaviorist.

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Community Moderators:
aheadsuretospin - thetensionislove @ gmail.com
tenna - Pippinislove @ gmail.com
kelism - kelism @ adelphia.net